Class Descriptions

Beginner Yoga

No experience needed… seriously!

Not flexible? That’s fine. Never seen a yoga mat? That’s fine too. In Beginner Yoga, we create a safe and open environment for brand new yoga students or those who want to brush up on their fundamentals. This class will move at a slower pace and will focus on proper alignment and form. Get ready to fall in love with yoga! All levels.

Hot Method

26 poses + lots of heat

Hot Method is a series of 26 poses and two breathing exercises practiced in a heated room. This sequence was designed by Bishnu Ghosh, and it was made famous by Bikram Choudhary. The series works every system in the body, bringing 100% oxygenated blood to every muscle, tissue and organ in the body.  All levels. Towel required.

Hot Power Flow

Get sweaty, get strong, get empowered

Get ready to sweat! As the class name suggests, this one is HOT! Practiced in a room heated between 80-90 degrees, you will be moved through a vigorous practice that will both challenge and empower you. Designed to strengthen and lengthen every part of your body, you can expect a class that will work your arms, legs, core and everywhere in between. All levels. Towel required.

Power Up/Power Down

The perfect balance of strength and surrender

This is an 80 minute class that will blend strength + surrender and sweat + serenity. Practiced in a heated room, you will first be moved through a vigorous power class and then be treated to long, restorative holds. It combines the best of Hot Power Flow and Slow Deep Stretch to leave you balanced and ready to take on the world. All levels. Towel required.

Slow Deep Stretch

It’s like a massage on your yoga mat

Get ready for total rest and relaxation. Slow Deep Stretch is a deeply restorative practice focusing on longer holds and total-body stretches. This class provides a calm and relaxing space to let go of tension, focus on your breath, and let all your stresses fall away. All-levels. Towel is recommended for Warm Slow Deep Stretch class on Saturdays.  

Slow Flow

All the goodness of flow with a dash of some serious rest

Ready to move but also looking for rest and relaxation? Slow Flow combines our Vinyasa Flow class with long, restorative holds. You will move through a moderately-paced flow and then come down to your mat for deeper, slow holds that will open your body and relax your mind. It’s the perfect way to move your body and treat your soul. All levels.

Vinyasa Flow

Just go with the flow

Vinyasa meaning “flow” or “to move without resistance” will get your body moving, your breath flowing, and your energy going. Each class is uniquely structured and sequenced, but you can always expect a moderately-paced practice linking breath with movement. The outcome: a stronger body, calmer mind, and more balanced state of being. All-levels. Towel recommended.

Warm Flow

It’s getting hot in here

Get ready to build up some serious heat through a faster-paced more vigorous class, as well as a heated room. In Warm Flow, we will heat up the studio between 70-80 degrees and move through poses designed to increase your strength and core stability, while improving your balance and stamina. This is the perfect class for anyone looking for a total mind + body workout. All-levels. Towel required.