Special Post from Lauren Queen

I am tired. I am tired on a level I didn’t know I could be. I was always active in high school. I went to college. I served in the world’s greatest Military. I have been overworked and tired. But this is different. I am angry, because I feel like I’m fighting in a war my coworkers know nothing about. I am hurting….because I don’t know at what age my baby brother turned into a threat….and I don’t know when I will have to inform my son that he’s now one as well. Yoga started in Africa. I am the only Black yoga instructor at the studio. Black babies were ripped from their mothers and used as alligator bait. Where so many of you will move through life not having to ever know these horrific facts….they are imbedded so deeply into every single black person that I know.

As a yogi, it is or duty to self analyze. To dig deep, and find our WHY. When I dig into why my friends won’t travel with me…I have to research what was done to my ancestors to make them so afraid to never leave. This is, has, and always will be my reality. I was born burdened. Change is the only constant. And change and/or transformation is uncomfortable. Which is why we all hate frog! Lol. It hurts. I’ve always strayed away from these conversations, because I will not ever sugar coat my words on this matter. But if I must have it; what better group of people than yogis?!? I’m honored to be given this space. There are so many things that must change. There are a million more uncomfortable conversations that need to be had. All lives do not matter if Black lives don’t!!!


  1. I feel like I have no right to respond to this. I can’t say I know how you feel or deny my complicity in making you feel this way. But I can say I’m sorry, I’m trying to be more aware, and I love you. Deborah Edwards

  2. I have read this 5 times and it resonates more each time I finish. Thank you for the heartfelt candor in your words. Thank you for wearing your pain in your words. As you so eloquently stated, the simple truth facing all of us is that we must have the uncomfortable conversations and be brutally honest with ourselves about our past behaviors and thoughts, and the changes we need to make in ourselves to be a part of true love and acceptance in this world. Your pain makes my heart ache. I know that I can’t stand in your shoes, but I promise you this—-I will stand by your side and do my very best to be a positive force for change.

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